Monday, July 25, 2011

Nuts Ninja

 Today, after biking back to our apartment from my new part-time job at the neighborhood coffee shop, Oscars, I was determined to succeed at making the ultimate almond butter. You see, I am what you might call a nut butter lover. Yes, please laugh. :-D Many of my closest friends would easily be able to tell you its one of my favorite foods. So when antiquing with my new added family (Tyler, his mom, and his brother) I was far too excited when Cindy (mother-in-law) showed me a peanut butter jar from the 1930s. Cindy bought it for me as an early birthday gift and since I have been hoping to master the art of making my very own nut butters.
This is where the ninja comes in....The ninja is actually a blender/food processor that Tyler and I received as a wedding gift. I used multiple recipes from different blogs to try to create my very own nut butter. After approximately an hour, feeling sick from trying little bites here and there, and a very warm ninja, I finally gave up. My nut butter is still not creamy and delicious like I would hope. My peanut butter jar is filled with lumpy almond paste. Maybe my ratios are wrong? Maybe my ninja is not the best for nut butter creations but only for delicious breakfast smoothies, frappes, and blizzards? Maybe it was too full or not full enough??? Who knows? Any pointers out there???
Anyways, I think that this frustration is similar to parts of my life lately. I'm working at being a good wife, daughter, friend, and worker. I'm working to pursue a career and love Jesus and others wherever I'm at. I'm lumpy almond paste. I'm striving...But mostly striving to continue trusting while being obedient. You see I like control. Which is why I like trying to make things.. :-) I'm glad that even when I fail there's hope. I'm glad that God reveals my imperfections to me so I remember that I need Him and I can't do things by myself. I'm glad God blesses me through things like old peanut butter jars, sunshine filled days, and time to just sit and talk to Jesus. I praise Him for not giving me control and for showing His faithfulness in so many ways. I'm thankful for the husband He has given me (Yes, husband...weird, I know), the family He's surrounded me with, the friends He speaks to me through, and His ever present Spirit.
Maybe someday I'll be creamy almond butter perfected through God's food processor. :-) Sorry, I meant maybe someday I'll be able to make creamy almond butter.

What's in your peanut butter jar?


  1. You are so wonderful. Great post, friend.

  2. One: you are ah’mazing…just what I needed. Two: I think you might need to add some more liquid??? Three: My pb jar is filled with the goods YOU introduced me to. Four (and best): I get to see you tomorrow!