Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Dash

1988 ---- ???

Life update: I'm currently working at Inspired Chiropractic. Our office is a part of a bigger movement called Maximized Living who are working to place God at the head of healthcare again. I love what I get to do. Each day we focus on teaching people more about how God created their body. We talk about what you can do to work with the way God (in His amazing design) and experience health and healing His way.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about what I spend my time doing and how it can be purposeful for kingdom goals. I love the Lord and people and I want my life to show that..... I want that to be what people say Kristin was about.

If you are a follower of Jesus, you've probably often heard or even talked about the kingdom of heaven. I actually learned a few years ago that the kingdom of heaven and kingdom of God are synonymous. Matthew is the only book that uses "kingdom of heaven" and this was due to his audience, who were all most likely Jews. Jews often did not say God's name out of reverence to Him.

Have you ever really thought about what the kingdom of God/heaven is?? It's been something on my heart for the last couple weeks. At first you could claim the kingdom of heaven is exactly that: heaven. I would define heaven as God's complete rule over our lives, when all is perfected by Him and there is no longer any sin, suffering, or schemes of Satan at work. When I think about the kingdom of heaven advancing, I think of God's authority being more and more visible in this earth.

When Jesus came, He spent time proclaiming the kingdom, illustrating the kingdom (through parables), and demonstrating it through His actions. God put you on this earth for a purpose. Are you living in that right now? I'm praying that God may reveal to you how you can redeem more and more of your life and other's lives to the authority of the Holy Spirit, who is in you.

Each day I love getting to serve the Lord through revealing God's authority and powerful work in a person's body. Currently our country (including Christians), often see there body as something that doesn't need to be taken care of. As Christians, we often focus our minds and hearts on growing in the truth of our King. We are called to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. How can we love the Lord fully when the way we treat our body looks the same as the rest of the world? How much strength will we have to give to him when we're seventy if we treat our bodies like the world? God has permeated truth into all areas of our lives and our body is an amazing creation that deserves to be treated as such. It is a temple of the Holy Spirit! The Hebrew word for Holy Spirit is ruach (in Genesis God breathed the breath of life into Adam), which is also the same word for breath and also can mean life. God's plan is not death but life (spiritually and physically). Jesus calls us to redeem creation to God's plan of relationship with him. 

God is good. God alone gives purpose. He doesn't need us but He wants us. God loves you and I!! Remember to take time to reflect on your day and dash. Love you all!

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