Thursday, September 22, 2011

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Anybody remember this Savage Garden hit? Great junior high memories :-)
I love you TOO much....
Is that really possible? To love someone too much? To love God too much? I would say not. However... I love God too much to curse His name. I love God too much to go a day without talking to Him. The same goes for my husband, my family, my closest friends... and even random strangers...

I love people too much to not tell them the truth. This is something that God has been growing in me for a couple weeks now. For most of you that know me, I'm not the girl that usually calls people out on stuff. I'm the really sweet, nice, encouraging girl. I've realized that part of this is actually a fear of mine that I won't be accepted or loved by whoever I'm talking to. Don't get me wrong, I will always look to encourage others but I'm learning that sometimes encouragement has to push people in a more difficult direction. Loving God is not always easy. Encouragement must be rooted in truth and when you believe truth deeply it results in BOLDNESS. 

My assistant basketball coach used to always compare the communication of a screen while on defense to a friend walking unknowingly in front of a car. You wouldn't just say "stop" softly or "live your life by example" and step out of the way of the car. You would scream "STOP!!!!" You believe deeply in the truth that if they step in front of that car they will get hurt so the resulting action is bold. 

Lately, God has been revealing a deep truth to me about His creation in us. We are triune beings created in His image. Our heart, soul, and strength are to love Him above all (Deut. 6). Yes, that includes our BODY. Our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit to reside in. As I grow to become more and more set apart through relationship with Him, I pray that the way I treat what He gave me (my body) becomes a set apart act as well. This is a passion God has given me and I pray the church starts to address this more as well. Our culture does not choose to live this way. God created our bodies amazing to function and live to do Kingdom work for Him. 

So to all of you reading this, I apologize for when I softened up the truth and didn't love you fully. I'm sorry that I backed down and listened to Satan's lies telling me that I need to be loved and accepted by others besides my King. I pray that I will do this less and less.

What is your passion? What is the truth you believe so deeply you can't not share??? Be empowered! God has plans for you. He has truth to be spoken through you and a purpose for every moment of your day. Love you all

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